soooo sunday

so. first off i have to say that i do not consider myself a fan of kirsten stuart.... not really a fan of the whole twilight-thing (even though i did see some of them)... and not really a fan of her i-am-actually-to-cool-and-real-for-this-stardom-shit attitude. having said that... i did enjoy reading an article on her, on into the gloss.

i had to smile to myself when i read about how she doesn't take her mascara or eyeliner off at night "because it looks good the next day". and honestly.... i know exactly what she means. (i know i know you should aaaaalways take your make-up off at night) but(!) the real funny part, about reading that is that i kind of (mor or less) subconsciously faked exactly that look, for a sunday brunch with my friend.

it was that time.. sunday noon-ish... in new york. where every cute/neighbourhood/healthy/downtown brunch place is over flowing with efortlessly cool/naturaly beautiful/(potentionally hungover) ladies and gents. in my case, i was meeting my friend rachel at the butcher's daughter. and the morning-after-make-up look (kirsten was talking about) could not have been more appropriate necessary.

skin: tinted moisturizer and my default blush....golden gate by bare escentuals.

brows: i brushed them upward with clear brow gel.

eyes: the only eyeshadow i used was a mac's coppering... mainly at the roots of my lashes and fading out towards the crease. the roots also got deepened with black kohl eyeliner. and now the simple trick to get instant fake yesterdays-make-up... vaseline. don't go crazy with it because, by the time you ordere your french toast/acai bowl/poached eggs/granola, it will do more damage than you would think at first. just dab a little of it on your crease and browbone and it will make it's way over the lid to cause that lovely creasing, that you would actually neeeever want (and will never get if you use my beauty secret... artdeco eyeshadow base). then of course mascara.... a couple of strokes shy of clumpy lashes.

lips: ok with my lips i did not do the yesterdays-make-up thaaang. (even though stila's liquid lipstick would totally survive the night, despite pillows and drool). but this color, aria is just so cool and easy.

so ladies, have fun and then... take your make-up off. your skin and pillowcases will thank you.

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