i finally used my new bare escentuals, bare minerals eye shadow, i got for christmas (thx j!), soiree. (ok, i haaave used it before (of course. i wouldn't be able to wait this long to try new make-up) but i just haven't told you about it yet... sorry) anyway, it is totally friends with my new hair color. don't you think? 

what i love about the bare minerals eye shadows is that you apply one color, that is just so insanely sparkly/shimmery, that it always looks like you spent waaay more time, layering colors and blending and all that jazz, than you actually did. oh the tricks, the tricks.....

for this look i really only used soiree, a bit of gold eyeliner on the inner corners, and mac's plumage along the roots of my lashes. et voilà!

i tinted my lips with benetint by benefit

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