it's my first biiiiirthdaaaay

today i am celebrating my birthday. my ny-birthday that is. people keep on telling me that it is called "anniversary". but no, i meeean birthday. one year ago my ny-self was born. stepping off the plane was like emerging from the womb. to descriptive? aaaanyway, after one year some things changed.... i don't do certain things any more, that i might have done before/in the beginning of living here.
here are some examples....
i don't... leave the house on time… what should i say, new york took my punctuality….
i don't... role my eyes when i hear "juice cleanse". ...... the girls at juice press on rivington are my buddies and i even have a membership.

i don't... think i can survive without an air conditioner in my room. i still hear myself saying "i'll try without" ......yeah no.
i don't... wear heals. this really surprises me. because of course, before moving to new york, you think to yourself "uuuh, i'm going to be so fabulous and all sex-and-the-city styled up." weeeell somehow i heardly ever wear heals now. in munich i was known for aaaalways wearing heals. generally i have gotten more minimal with my outfits and make-up. ….which takes me to the next point.

i don't... have… time. i am absolutely convinced that time passes faster, here in new york. (still trying to figure out a way to prove that scientifically). but that must be the reason why i, for example, don't have time to take lunch breaks... do crazy hair-styles... or re-do my entire make-up, before going out at night.

i don't... give people, asking for "a little help" on the subway, money (like i would in my first months). performers… totally different story. especially the break dancers who hang from the subway bars. they are just incredible!
i don't... suggest meeting anyone before noon, on the weekend.

i don't... stop to take pictures of film crews, on the street. living in the lower east side and working in the meatpacking district, it is a rarity to not trip over thick black cables that cross the sidewalk. I will however keep my eyes open for celebs. come on, everyone loves a celeb-sighting.

i don't... do my own nails. i used to polish my nails pretty much every second day. but no need for that, since i got my long fabulously-tacky nails. i thought i would miss it.... but i really don't.
i don't... have a question mark on my face, when the bartender asks me "keep it open?"

i don't... really have the urge to go to soho, if i don't really have to... and to think that I used to want to live there.....

i don't... think of walking somewhere for 20 minutes to be "far".

i don't... consider ordering a car service, for trips from and to the airport, a total luxury. that, i blame on the lack of escalators in the subway stations.
i don't... assume that when i hear "lets hang out on sunday", that i will aaaactually see that person on sunday.
i don't... think that i need to make a reservation for the movies.

but even though i have grown... adapted... and evolved there are some things that I will always
always do....
i will always... find it inacceptable when people come late to yoga class or leave early. that's just not how i was raised as a yogi (by angela in the turnraum, in munich).

i will always...smile when i see the crysler building (my favorite sky scraper).

i will always... enjoy the cazies in the streets or the subways, yelling the most random things to themselves, or whoever is around... or whoever they are imagining. it's just so new york….

i will always... miss my family.

i will always... love the fact that i can buy a watermelon at 10 o'clock at night.

i will always.... use celcius. sorry but farenheit is just dumb ....and so are inches/feet.

i will always... sigh at how americans pronounce me name….

i will always... cringe at the excessive and unnecessary over-use of plastic bags. (two plastic bags for a box of tampons? really?)... and plastic things in general (straws, paper cups, delivery food...)

so that's that.
oh! and i will always love new york. duuuh.

how have you changed in the last year?

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