5 dollar happiness

so here is finally a picture of my new hair color. i know you have been dying to see it ....unless of course, you follow me on instagram, in which case you can call me out on being totally behind on my posts. and i know, super-professional-blogger style instagram-selfie.... but it kind of goes with my super-professional-die-job... in my bathroom with hair-die for $5.29. yes ladies fiiive dollars. i used ion color brilliance brights semi-permanent hair color

...not too shabby, hu? it was more or less spontaneous. i did my roots first and then the ends to get a subtle baby-ombre. ok i did have to scrub the entire bathtub after wards (which was kinda suuuper annoying), because it looked like a certain scene... from a certain movie... called psycho.
anyway, i love it. so there. not that easy to find thaaat much happiness... with only 5 bucks. 
well, 5 bagels are pretty awesome… or a matcha green tea latte from doughnut plant (yes, i aaam able to go in and not(!) buy a doughnut. sounds like no big deal? i dare you to try it.)… and of course a guaco taco form brooklyn taco.  
yes yes, those are 5 dollars well spent.

in the picture you can see my friend emerald and i, freezing our butts off. 
i am wearing escada sunglasses and a self-knit scarf.
my big ring is from my special jewelry-lady ching, the spike (my favorite) is lady grey (from the helmut lang store) and the green one is a flea-market- find.

what do you spend 5 dollars/euros/punds on, that makes you really happy? because lets not forget my (and therefor (in my mind) also yours. jk.) new years resolution! to smile more!

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