joan….. ain't gonna stop me from trying

if you follow my pinterest board, bad-ass... beauty you might have noticed that one of my never-ending-girl-crushes is angeline jolie. she is (in my eyes (well, anything on this blog of mine is "in my eyes" i guess…)) so drop-dead-gordgeous…. and so bad-ass.

i think one of the (few) reasons i like her so much, is the role she played in the movie playing by heart (from 1998). her character, joan, has been an inspiration, since the first time i watched this movie. (it was my favorite movie for a while… watched it almost every day for a while. i would say about junior year of high school... which lead to me being able to (to this day) recite pretty much every line…) 

anyway, she is…… hard to describe. any kind of generic word that is coming to my mind right now doesn't quite do her justice…. i guess you just have to see it for yourself. i caaan tell you that she is a hopeless-romantic… all about finding/believing in love and stuff (which is not exactly how i (or anyone who knows me) would describe myself. and not generally a quality i long to have….). but i love her for her for being a…. character ….her crazy outfits and some ridiculous (in the most positive sense of the word) monologues, that i have definitely quoted when the occasion arose.

to give you some examples: 
"i don't know… he might be right. but it ain't going to stop me from trying"
"the least i can do, for taking your last quarter, is letting you buy me a drink" (don't use this one (anymore), though. 'cus i don't let men buy me drinks. incase you were wondering…)
"why don't you do the world a big fat fucking favor and crawl back into your mothers womb."(a little hostile, i admit, but… come one… a goooood quote, that haaas come in handy… not gonna lie)

having said that… she is my muse (for now). starting with the red hair….

so, have fun and check out playing by heart.

i would love to hear if a movie character has inspired you, and how.

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