new-blonde... part II

i did not forget a bout my friend anna.... here is part II

so just so you know... i have the biggest girl-crush on this lady ....totally not trying and still so bad-ass.

very bare eyes and stained red-brown lips. it is not easy to go soooo bare on the eyes.... this was me having a go at something similar. and then there was also this look, (peeeersonally (on meeee) i like it much more...) that you could see pre-mascara-application on instagram.
 and of course blondes can totally pull off a good classic smoky-eye... usually with a natural or nude lip... but you know it is all bout what-the-hell-you-wanna-do and what makes you feel like the-badest-bitch-that-ever-walked-this earth
smoky-eyes come in any kind of variation... soft...or  matte... or brown...... even blue and sparkly.

what i love abut this look is the extra attention that was paid to the skin... to make it very even but not giving it a mask-look, but rather a healthy dewy finish.
when i go for something like that i use the products i listed in this post.
aaaah, this look is just so nice and fresh and spring-licious..... natural eyes, matte skin, coral cheeks and lips
unfortunately i do not have a lovely matte-bright-coral lip color, like the one cara is wearing.... (i am still in love with both the nars, velvet matte lip pencel and the stila, liquid lipstick that i have been pondering over what color to get next, anyway.) maybe i need to make a stop at sephora on my way home and give this one or this one a try?
the spring looks i haaaave been doing lately are more with subtle colors on the eyes.

but blondies, feel free to go even more colorful!
apparently i looooove purple eye-shadow. looking back through my make-up post i see it quite a bit..... like way back in this post from september, and my instagram in october (when i kinda looked like a getto-fabulous mechanic) and of course (still one of my go-tos) that melting pigment thaaang. even a purple cat-eye..... oh! and lets not for get that time i channeled cynthia.
geeeez i was not aware that i had this problem.... jk. the funny thing is that in all of these looks i used one of the oldest products on my make-up table.... this eye shadow pen that (at least in this form) sephora does not even carry anymore.
and finally, i can tell you one thing..... red lips neeeeever fail!

these two have really been saving me a loooot lately..... because i am priiiitey much doing this ....like every day.
i feel like i should end this post with a blond-joke..... would be so nice and 90s. funnily enough someone just told me one the other day, that (of course) i can't think of it now.... but i am sure you all have one in mind. go tell it the next person you come across and make them smile....

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