green fuel...

over the past months i have been working out more than i ever have in my life. not because i think i haaave to, or because it is what you are "supposed to do".... but it honestly really makes me feel good and it fills me with pride when i see how my body has change. together with working out at (five to seven times a week) i also wanted to fuel my body, the right way. i stopped trying all those eating fads (that are just out of control, here in new york...) and i learned to listen to my body (not something i am generally toooo good at) and i noticed that a lot of the things i was eating just didn't make me feel satisfied or good.

i have tried a lot of different pre and post work-out foods.... which are especially important when i do back-to-back classes, like yoga and pilates). (if you follow me on instagram) you might have already noticed that i am totally addicted to juice press...

i can't tell you how much i looooove drinking body fit before my workout. it is soooo delicious (even though i do not(!) like fennel......) (and i am not just saying that.... i promise! i would neeever spend ten(!) dollars on something that doesn't taste good and make me feel great.) it really really energizes me without weighing me down. after my classes or my morning run i have found that the remedy is what my body really needs. recently, i have started adding hem protein to it (....which you may or may not like).
 (still haven't found the magic potion to help me master my yoga-goal-pose... pada urdhva dhanurasana. jk... it's not magic... it's practice... i know. which will make it that much more rewarding when i do finally get that leg in a perfect straight line up the sky.)

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