i can't do without… clay pomade

i really don't have the greatest, most special hair (that'd probably why i change it, so much....). it's not super thick, or shiny, nor does it have great texture.... but luckily, the beauty industry decided to help me out! …this time it was the men's beauty industry.

for the most amazing piece-y, textured, not-trying-too-hard, out-of-bed look, that i basically want eeeevery day... i use baxter of california, clay pomade, firm hold/matt finish, styling tonpomade. i take a peanut sized amount, melt it, by rubbing it between my fingers, and work it into (mainly) the tips of my hair. it is the savior to any bad hair day.

oh! and i totally believe in choosing make-up/nail polish by the name it was given. this nail color is opi, alpine snow. i mean, come on… i got my nails done with this color, on the first snowy day in new york… and i often think about seeing the alps on my way home, when i still lived in munich…. so, when i read the name, this was an obvious choice. 

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