what is "holiday make-up"?

there are soooo many ideas for “holiday  make-up” out there… but honestly, i don’t know what "holiday make-up" is. party make-up? dinner make-up? naturally beautiful? sparkly  christmas inspired?  but also, i have never been invited to a christmas party (they are not exaaactly common in Germany…). until now. so i had to ask myself, what look i wanted to have while dinking punch and decorating cookies. i took it as a reason to do a completely different look than i usually would do.

hair: i straightened my hair (for the first time, since i had it cut). parted it on the side and sprayed it with kevin.murphy, shimmer.shine, repairing shine mist.

skin: very even pale matt skin, with subtle sculpting.

brows: strong graphic brows

eyes: i only used black color for my eye make-up. a very thick black liquid eyeliner and black shadow on the movable lid. i kept the bottom lid and lashes very bare. something i very rarely do is falsies. the few times i had fake eyelashes on i wanted to rip them off after ten minutes (which is usually what i ended up doing) i can handle individual lashes, though. that is what i used here.

lips: berry colored lip stain and lip liner.

what did your holiday make-up look like?

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