foxy brown and dr. hauschka

last week i got my nail did. and when i say "did", i mean "diiiiid".  
i have always wanted long nails. an when i say "long", i mean "looooong-aaass nails"... ever since foxy brown in hot spot. man, i loved that video…. and her (ask my sis). in hindsight i would say it was a girls-crush. and watching it agin, just now, i gotta say… still love it.

anyway, i realize i am not the first person to get fake nails (even though it is totally exciting for me…… never thought i would actually have fake nails….. and as we know, i usually don't even get a pedi) but it brought me to talk to you, about hand care, and how hard it is to maintain nice hands and nails in the winter. i am really lazy with putting on hand cream, so i need one that is really good and effective. 

the one and only hand cream you will ever need is by dr. hauschka. i am not referring it because it is all natural… and they have "a mission"…  or because it is exclusive… and expensive. but because it immediately goes in your skin, and leaves it sooo much smoother (not just for half an hour). and most of all, it doesn't leave a greasy layer on your hands, that you feel every time you wash them. i hate that….

the nail polish is opi, hopelessly in love

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