green and red (don't worry... this is not a "holiday make-up" post)

the look: green eye shadow and red lips… still inspired by michelle violy harper (still working on her perfect complexion and those cheekbones… man… those cheekbones……)

skin: because of the dry winter air i am keeping my skin routine quite basic… just with tinted moisturizer and a little bit of powder under my eyes and over my bottom lashes to make them… disappear. when i use red lipstick i like using my very-bright-red blush... mac, powder blush, frankly scarlet.

brows: dark brown and balck eye shadow with brow gel

eyes: for a clean base i start with cream colored shadow from my cease to my brows and define the crease with a shimmery light pink. the green i used on the movable lid was mac, eye shadow, juxt. it is a good not-too-in-your-face-shimmery lime. i didn't want to use black eye liner…… so i took a dark bordeaux lip liner and plum colored eye shadow and drew them along the roots of my top lashes. the bottom lid stayed completely free from shadow and mascara.

lips: i only used this suuuuper fantastic liquid lipstick in fiery, by stila... that i already raved about here.

have fun

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