feeling... blaaaah

a couple of days ago looked in the mirror and felt... blaaah. it could be because i have had so much going on, that i didn't really have time or energy to put a lot of effort into… well any thing, really. nevertheless, i blamed my hair color. it had gone from the fiery-david-bowie-orange highlights to almost my natural color. which i have always found... blaaaah. a trip to duane read took care of that. so this make-up look i specifically did to honor, my freshly died hair.

the look: soft smokey-eyes with porcelain skin

skin: since my tan (that resulted from my lobsterface…) is officially gone..... i have gone back to using the winter-color of my (default foundation) mac, face and body foundation. i like this one, because it is a sheer cover (especially when mixed with moisturizer), but it can also create an even porcelain look, by working more layers of the product into the skin. and that is what i did here, before powdering my fece with mac, studio care blend, pressed and a touch of blush.

brows: with my (now) black hair, i used dark brown and black eye shadow to define my brows.

eyes: a light layer of medium grey is the main part of this soft smokey-eye. to maintain the blended look i used a plum-colored loose powder on the crease, but spared the outer v and also refrained from using black to rim the eyes, but rather a taupe colored eyeliner that i additionally smudged with a q-tip. when i applied the mascara, i made sure not to tangent the skin between the hairs.

lips: an even coat of (once again… but why change a winning team?) revlon, just bitten, lip stain + balm, forbidden.

have fun

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