melting pigments

the look: shimmery purple pigments riming the eyes, with nude glossy lips

skin: this icy wind in new york, is really doing a number on my skin... i started using less powder after i work foundation into my skin, and that seems to help. i only dust the area under my eyes, to keep the foundation or concealer from creasing. i also only used a light amount of blush.

brows: i just had them treaded yesterday... i really don't enjoy it it huuuurts ('cus i am a big wimp, as we know...). but maaan they look good! here, i additionally filled them in a little with dark brown eye shadow.

eyes: with a combination of a shimmering light and medium pink i covered my lids from the lashes to the brows. then, with a crease brush (a brush that has medium to short bristle that make a pointed shape), i placed mac pigment---- along my lashes, drew a darker line with black eyeliner on the roots and then added another layer of the pigment. this time with a shorter bristled brush. this way the layers of shimmering pigments and eyeliner melt together and create a more smudged shadowing. when i applied mascara i made sure to coat the roots, buy wiggling the wand a bit, before pulling it towards the tips.

lips: i applied the perfect sheer-nude lip gloss cinique, super balm moisturizing gosss, rootbeer and for more dimension i drew mac, pro longwear lip pencil, in electra over the gloss.

have fun

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