y not........ miley?

not knowing what the day will have in store....... from work... to dinner... to drinks... to...... who knows? i needed make-up that can take me anywhere. make-up that was dramatic but not too "night-time." make-up that will look good in dimmed light, but will not be to time intensive to do. (because, who really has the time to do a full-drama-look before work?)

the inspiration: i actually don't want to say..... it is miley cyrus. if you don't know who she is, or you are thinking "isn't that the cute country-singer-daughter-girl, with the baby face and the long hair?", don't look her up! i am not going to say anything about.... aaall of it, except her new make-up look is amazing.
the look: black liner, shimmer and red lips.
the skin: foundation and concealer for very even skin. no blush, but a good amount of shimmering highlighter on the cheekbones. 
brows: i used dark brown and a little bit of black to create strong brows. for this look, they should be a bit (or even a lot) darker than the hair. 
the eyes: very soft and well blended matte light brown on the outer corner of the lid. light, shimmery pink blended from the crease upward. on the entire lid, all the way up to the brows, the same shimmering highlighter that was used on the cheekbones. i also applied another even lighter highlighter to the center, above the lashes, to create more dimension. now the most important part..... the eyeliner. using a black pencil, i framed the eye along the lashes, on the upper and lower waterline and in between the lashes. soften and defined the line, by applying black shadow with an eyeliner brush. a loooot of mascara. 
the lips: i wanted a softer lip than miley's..... (mainly because it was not the kind of day, where i wanted to maintain a perfect red lip). so i used a red lip tint with a touch of clear gloss. 

have fun!

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