a classic

the look: whenever i wear a men's buttondown, i like doing a classic make-up...... a classic, perfect-red lip and big, feminine (event hough i don't like using that word to describe... well... myself) eyes. 
skin: foundation and concealer to erase any imperfections. since i am going for a very polished look, i also made sure to use a good amount of face powder. i then added a sweep of a deep red blush, and placed highlight on my cheekbones. 
brows: with a dark brown shadow, i made sure to draw a very clean, groomed brow, and setting it with  brow gel.
eyes: i started by covering my entire lid with a light shimmering pink. to sculpt the eye into looking bigger, i layered multiple shades of matt brown. light brown for the outer half of the movable lid. medium brown along the crease. and dark brown for the outer v. i added another layer of the medium brown, to the outer v and crease, using it to blend very well. this way i created a natural-yet-very-emphasized eye. the bottom lid was also shaded with a blend of the darker browns. i left the inner third bare, to highlight it with the shimmering light pink. any feminine look needs amplified the lashes. i drew a soft shadow, with an angled brush and black eyeshadow, along the roots, and darkened the upper waterline with eyeliner. volumizing mascara for more lashes, lashes, lashes.
lips: for perfectly painted lips, i always start by covering the edge with concealer and matting it with face powder, to start on a "clean canvas", and to keep the color from creasing during the day. with a sharpened lip liner (in the general color of the lipstick) i drew the shape of my lips. (yes... it is ok to cheat a little. i like exaggerating the cupids bow.....) with a perfect-red lipstick, i covered my natural lip color. to make my lips look even fuller, i used a red gloss and dabbed it only on the center my mouth. this is a high-maintenace-lip. i relined and repainted my lips multiple times during the day. also, eating sandwitches, spaghetti and.... lobster (i guess), is off limits. that is just what needs to be done. i don't see the point of starting the day, with gorgeously painted lips, and ending it with an uneven, smudged red mouth. or worse..... only being left with a red outer rim.......... but it is worth it!

have fun!

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