gisele's lost twin....

i was not having a good face-day, today......... everyone has those... good-hair-days... bad-eyelash-days. aaaanyway, i wanted to do a make-up that makes me feel good. well, make-up should aaaaallways make you feel good. no matter what look you choose, it should make you feel good. beautiful. fabulous. sexy. fierce.... whatever. well, today i needed a look that would make me feel beautiful. on some days that is harder...... when you don't wake up, naturally feeling like you are gisele's lost twin.

the look: i wanted to focus on the eyes. a big-eye-but-still-natural-look.

the skin: for extra coverage (because it was on of those days) i used concealer over my foundation. i also used powder and a red blush. 
the brows: strong brows.... i just feel like, they give me a little more attitude.
the eyes: i started by sweeping a shimmering, reddish-brown generously over the top lid and along the bottom lashes. the second step was placing light pink highlights on the centre of the top lid, on the tear duct, and along the brow bone (defusing the reddish-brown).  i drew a soft line of dark grey, with an eyeliner pencil, along the upper eye lashes. by using a matt, plum-colored loose powder, along the upper and lower lashes, and dragging out the outer v, i defined the eyes more. mascara was the finishing touch. 
the lips: i simply used a tinted lipblam.

have fun!
and wake up feeling like gisele herself, tomorrow!

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