it's friday... waaay to early. i am tired (especially because it was, my dear friend, rachel's birthday yesterday). i still want to look cooool, though.... because, it's fiiiiidaaaaayy!!!

the look: fast and cool. uuuuh! or fast and furious...? no fast and fierce! yes. the look is fast and fierce. (shout out to tyra!) ok, fiiine..... this look is not one of my fiercest... but! it is fast. aaaall of it only took me 20 minutes. i promise! yes, i have seen tutorials on tv/online, promising "beautiful make-up in 5 minuets!" but, sorry to tell you, that doesn't exist. fine, on today-i-don't-feel-like-doing-the-full-face-days (and yes, i definitely have those), five minutes is totally possible. but not if you are doing the brows and eyeliner and highlighting and... who-knows-what. 20 minutes is pretty much the minimum. so i guess this look is simply: fast friday. ha! wasn't that hard........
skin: foundation and powder on the entire face, for a matt base. i emphasized the apples of my cheeks with a sweep of reddish blush.
brows: i always like to fill my brows, using a brown eyeshadow and a brow brush. for this look, i used a soft brown and didn't enhance them a lot, or draw any hard lines.
eyes: i started with a couple layers of (my i-love-u-everyday-and-foreverything-color) a light shimmering, warm gray. keeping the crease the darkest. with a matt medium grey, i drew a soft, not too thin, line along the bottom and on the outer half of the pper lashes. dragging it out a bit where they meet, on the outer corner. with my fingers i dabbed a light pink highlighter on the centre of my eyelid. mascara, for soft full lashes. eyes, already done!
lips: i used a lip stain and balm. i just bought this color. it is..... everything! don't you think? and soooo easy! if you don't want to deal with lipstick... lipliner... gloss..... (and giving hiiiiis lips that beautiful feminine pink sheen) this is what you want.

...ok, i used a lot of exclamation marks in this post.... but it is friiiidaaaayyyy!!!!!
have a nice weekend!

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