the inspiration: natalie portman in closer... total girl crush!
the look: effortlessly beautiful (well being born with her face definitely helps...) one specific look has been a source of inspiration, i have interpreted a looot. in the final sequence.... she is in a white tank and jeans.... dangly earrings..... she is walking through a crowd of people...  in the streets of new york.... in slow motion.... damien rice's, the blower's daughter is playing (in love with this song ever since)..... she looks very natural, but still she is turning the heads of her bypasses.

skin: tinted moisturizer, a tiny bit of blush (latterly, just whatever is left on the brush from previous use)
eyes: tones of mat and shiny brows... very blended, light shimmer on inner corners of the eye and in the centre of the top lid, the darkest matt brown along the upper lash line, with an eye liner brush, a bit of mascara only on tips of outer lashes... and bottom lashes, a delicate line of green liquid liner on bottom inner corners
brows: only filling in the gaps with a very light brown
lips: lip tint in pretty much the natural color of lips... just for definition
hair: messy up-do 

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