too..... cute

after sorting, and color coordinating, my closet, i realized that i had a looot of pink (everything form bright coral to fireengine red). i knew that i wear a lot of color, but i don't really see myself as a very... pink-girl. so sometimes when i wear an outfit with very feminine colors (combined with my, meanwhile quite long, newly sun bleached hair, my.... little body) i just look too......... cute. not like the bad-ass i aaactually am... 
well, i have an easy fix to that problem. make-up with a dark lip! so simple. in this case, (my newest purchase) a matt (sooo bad-ass!) liquid lipstick in a deep berry.

the look: lets call it vamp. to cliché? to me it just means that eyes and lips are emphasized.
skin: light foundation and powder for a matt clean finis. soft matt blush. don't go crazy on the skin with shimmer and conturing and stuff. to not make it toooo dramatic. 
eyes: starting with a very light matt brown. blended into the brow bone. shiny (not too dark) brown on the lid. not past the crease. with a dark grey (more or less dull) eyeliner draw all along the top and bottom lash lines. it down\t have to be too thin but should be as close as possible to the roots of the eyelashes. not too much on the inside corners of the eyes, to keep it a day time look. with a matt grey shadow go over the liner and smudge it. fading into the other colors. use a black sharpened eyeliner pencil to define the outer corners, by only using it on the outer corner of the waterline and along the lashes... slightly extending out towards the end of the brow. with a eyeliner brush add black shadow on top of that. again softening the line of the pencil, and defining the outside even more. apply mascara on all the lashes, making sure to get the roots. 
brows: define and fill. but not too dark since the eyes and lips are in focus.
lips: with this liquid lipstick (that seriously lasted aaaaaaaall day) you do not need lipliner. but with long wearing lipsticks or liptints it is especially important that you exfoliate and moisturize very generously before. i try to do it the night before...... i know, i know that is a bit too high maintenance. but then, after applying this lipstick you don't have to worry about it all day. promise!

have fun!

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