some times happy acidents happen.... (like it did here) in thiiis case my eye shadow brush still had some leftover color on it from my make-up i did the day before. i know, doesn't sound especially glamorous, but like yesterays-make-up can look good, i guess yesterdays-make-up-brush can too.

eyes: aaaanyway, i applied bare escentuals, bare minerals eye color, in the buff on my lid and the remainder of mac's pigment, magenta madness (that was on my blending brush) created a quite nice rosy-gold. with a cleaneeeer brush i placed more of in the buff on my tear duct, along the roots of my lashes i lightly painted mac, eye shadow coppering and emphasized the outer half with a taupe-colored eyeliner (that i randomly picked up at a drug store in munich ...but has made me wonder what i ever did without it). the last touches were brown eyeliner on the upper waterline and mascara to achieve soft lashes.

lips: this is the first lipstick i ever bought. (yes, the first part of my make-up-life i ooooonly focused on eyes. ah, little did i know how many colors and textures i was missing out on! but you might have noticed, i am doing my best to make up for lost time...) this is mac, craving with mac, lip pencil in beet. (mmmmmmh, beets. sorry, little a.d.d.-moment....)

skin: only a couple of swirsls with my kabuki brush and bare minerals, original foundation.
back to the happy accident that happened with my eye shadow…. i used the same bright pink mac pigment.... for blush, which kind of tied it all together. and believe it or not… i got a couple of compliments on the redish-pinkish tones of my look that day.

have fun... with your happy accidents!

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