plain and simple

plain and simple.... a look created with my favorite-no-fuss products

recently switched my foundation to bare escentuals, bare minerals, original foundation broad spectrum. i used it when i was in high school, and i don't know why i ever stopped. this foundation is just incomparable. a loose powder, with an incredible coverage. but i have to insist on recommending the kabuki brush when using this foundation. maaaybe because that's how i was trained, when i worked at ulta during my high school years ("only the kabuki brush has the ability to pick up the minerals in the powder"). but independent sources (who i have asked to test it (iiiii wouldn't daaare use another foundation brush ....the minerals!) have told me that there is a noticeable difference in coverage. here i used this powder in combination with other products, but today i am only wearing it over moisturizer.

my cheeks got a sweep of my insanely bright red blush (that i used to wear aaaaall the time but now realize that it is not reeeally an every-day color ….still looove it though) frankly scarlet from mac. when i don't do eye shadow (or very lightly...), i use the rest of the blush that is left on my brush and seep the bottom part of my brow bones with it. when the color of the blush appears subtly somewhere else on your face it make the color look more natural. (even this crazy bright red)
and of course, on my cheek bones and eye lids (for evening-looks i also use it on the bridge of my nose), a product that i will re-buy until mac discontinues it (...in which case i will have to stalk up!) mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle. here i used it on rachel and not to forget here, for my quick update.

for my brows i used an angled brow brush and mac eye shadows in swiss chocolate and embark. and because my brows are hard to tame i comb them in shape with brow gel. and ladies... i get them threaded.......
 and now the answer to the question i get asked all the time... my mascara is lash architect from l'oreal paris. i know i know, i have promised you to reveal my super secret lash routine... it's coming i promise.

other than that i used this no-name taupe-y eyeliner along my lashes.
to compliment my new hair color, i used my bright red nars, velvet matte lip pencil, dragon girl (that i already told you all about here and here)

so go for it... let your favorite products have a party on your face! (or wherever else they belong.... on your feet or butt for example)

i would love to hear about your faves!

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