scarlet brows

this morning i didn't have much time…. you know… pre-work run and all that good stuff. 

i did my plain and simple look but instead of red lips... i did red browsbama!
 i used my mac frankly scarlet powder blush and a bit of swiss chocolate eyeshadow, with in an angled brow brush.

for bare looks like this one, i make sure to have as-flawless-skin-as-possible……
i am working on a new night and morning skin-care routine. that (after i perfect it) will of course be sharing you you ladies…. and gents. and man(!) can i tell you how happy i am with my new foundation products... revlon, photoready bb cream, skin perfecter with spy 30 under bare essentials, bare minerals, original foundation broad spectrum.

happy friiiiiiday!

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