lash architect

finally. it is finally here, the post on my mascara. i get bunch of compliments on my eyelashes... and yes, i was blessed with a set of long lashes. and i realize nooo mascara will magically turn your lashes onto full feathery-bombastic-scandalous-telescopic-magnified-seductive-fluttery-millionized-plump-false-looking lashes..... or whatever creative promises those commercials tell you. i continue to be amazed and amazed by every new association the beauty industry comes up with.... ("high-heal"... "collagen"... "baby-doll"……?)

in my make-up-life i have tried a variety of mascaras. i even had a phase where i used a combination of  thee different mascaras….. crazy.

the one i have been using for quite some time now (and strongly recommend) is l'oreal paris, lash architect. i haven't seen it in the us…. which means that i always get a hand-full (when i visit my family in munich) …..and also a couple for my friends, who i have gotten hooked. the reason why i like it is because it gives me long lashes without being clumpy spider legs.

generally, i can say that mascara is one of the products that i do not feel like it it is worth buying a name-brand product. i am also very much a defender of the classic-wand. i don't like those crazy rubbery… spiky… curved... or any other kind of fancy-shmancy wands. they don't work for me. i will elaborate more why, in my next post... where i go more into detail of my specially developed application technique. uuuuuh… i know i am such a tease…... but like i said… this is preeeetty much as secret as my beauty-secret goes……

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