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like promised…. here is my review on the multitasking foundation… bb cream.  since i am not the cover-my-face-completely-with-a-mask-of-cakey-paste kinda gal, i usually use a tinted moisturizer and or powder. the bb creams are considered a tinted moisturizer on steroids. basically every cosmetics brand in every price-segment, brought out their version of this moisturizing and skin smoothing hybrid.

bb creams (short for beauty or blemish creams) are like tinted moisturizers on steroids. in addition to hydrating and evening out skin tones, bb creams also treat the skin with antioxidants or other anti-aging ingredients, plus offer spf. so don't ask me why i am only checking these out now…… better late than never.

first of all i will tell you that in these pictures i am oooooonly wearing the bb creams (one on each side of my face) …..and mascara. no powder, blush, eyeshadow, brow pencil or photo-editing. so you will also get to see what i mean when i keep on mentioning that my skin is going through a…. not-soooo-perfect phase. but ladies, aren't these the times that we need to know our little tricks? so here we go…

first the hard facts: 
bobbi brown (i got mine at sephora) made my wallet $47 (including tax) lighter. for that price i was thinking to myself "this better be as amazing as i was told"…. by both a friend (who is the reason i decided to try this brand) and the saphora sales woman.  (i can usually tell the difference  between them really believing in a product... or when they are just trying to sell it to me. (but his might actually be a figment of my imagination……))

 the revlon version i got during a 40% sale at right aid, where it's usual price is $10.99. yes i know that is a lot more affordable. but(!), even though at this point (to some of you the winner of this battle is already decided, i have to say that the most important thing is the way this foundation makes your skin look. and if it is amazing, then yes, i will go with the more pricey candidate. because... think about it… it's your face! your face!!! and, i 'm sorry but it iiiiis nicer to talk to a cute (sephora) sales woman, who tells me her beauty secrets and about how she is a "broke-bitch". (i tend to bond with these ladies quite quickly.)

ok but here we go ith my verdict (i hope it comes across in the pictures…):
the first thing you might notice is, that the product on my right side (the first side view picture) matches my skin tone perfectly where the product on my left side is… a bit to dark. (but lets take into consideration that it is the end of winter and i will only be getting darker.) well, the product on my right side is bobbi brown's. they offer a color range of 9 tones. revlon… three. yeah…..

the application is very similar. i just massaged it into my skin, with my fingers. (i am not a fan of sponges, because they just suck up the product and grow bacteria. and i have just never gotten into brushes. for me the fingers work the best. that way i can feel the product.) if one felt a bit better, then i would say bobbi brown

but now the fact that is the one that actually made the decision… and really is the only one that counts:
the right side of my face, where i used bb cream broad spectrum by bobbi brown, you can clearly see (in real life it was even more apparent) that the product settled into my (bigger) pores, around my nose. not so nice. aaaand i also didn't like how it reacted where it can ito contact with my eye brows or my baby hair. (ok, i do have a good amount of peach fuzz… but i don't need my make-up to emphasize that... by covering it in nude colored cakyness…..) (you can kind of see what i mean in the frontal photo)

on the left side of my face (it is even very obvious in the picture) that it evened out my skin without looking like i am wearing anything. and there was no visible product in my pores or bay-hair. on top of that the photoready bb cream by revlon gave me a very lovely… glow. this was also pointed out by my independent judge. aka, my friend… without telling her which product i had used where. 

for me the winner is clear. 

i do have to note that the the way the bobbi brown product behaved on my skin, was not what i saw on my friends skin. so do keep in mind that everyones skin is different and will work differently with every product. i am veeeeeery happy with my revlon bb cream and will deffinately re buy it when i run out.

so if you are trying to decide between a more pricer and a more affordable product…… rememberer… price is not everything. all it has to to is make you look feel mote beautiful, and …… have fun with it!

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