morning… rain...

a perk of going to the gym before work or early on a sunday, is seeing the streets empty ....a rare occasion in new york

today they were especially nice because it was raining. ok rain can totally be annoying... but i do generally like rain.... the sound... the thought of all the plants getting good-old gulp of water.... the feeling. (have you ever stood in the rain not caring that you are going to get soaked and later probably be really cold... and enjoyed it? ... enjoyed the feeling of the raindrops on your face... and enjoyed your make-up running down your face and having dripping wet hair (which can actually also look kind of sexy...)

aaanyway, i took these pictures as i was heading to the gym for my pre-work run.

if you are thinking "she's crazy. i could neeeeever work out before a day at the office".... a couple of months weeks ago i would have absolutely agreed with you. but remember how it told you about how some things changed since i moved to this wonderful place called new york..... and i also have some simple-and-affective ticks to make it easy easier, to get your sexy but out of your warm bed and throw on you sneakers and sports bra... and go sweat.

have fun. in sunshine or rain

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