the dilemma

today i had lunch on the highline. (one of my favorite places is new York... by the way). i was just thinking about leaving (because it was a bit windy) when i heard someone playing the saxophone. i love the sound of the sax. i even used to play myself.....

 after taking his picture i wanted to give the musician (who (without knowing it) infused my ordinary lunch break with some loveliness) some money, but i only had a 20....... which is what i told him.... he smiled and told me it was fine...... but i still suggested that he breaks it down for me. he luckily could.... and we started talking.
i asked him where he was from. (i love a french accent...) belgium, was the answer. he told me about the time he toured in germany.... how he makes his own chocolate (chocolatsmeurens.com)....  how he got fired 2 times in the last 2 weeks ...."but, that's cool because the weather is nice". in that moment i envied him... for standing on the sunny highline and playing his sax. (i had a desk with a computer and piles of papers waiting for me) ..... when i told him that i envied his freedom, he replied "it's a choice and a dilemma"

photos of paul and his saxophone, on the highline... taken by me.

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  1. Cool! This is pretty much the essence yes!
    And I just wrote this tune called Unexpected Freedom, which turns out to be quite circumstantial.
    I got some shows coming up, this Thursday at the Paper Box, and next Sunday at Baby's all right, you'll find sounds and dates at http://soundcloud.com/Paulax !
    Cheers, hope to see you then, or at the Highline as soon as the weather goes back above 70!