sunday… morning… downtown…

i loved today… and today loved me right back.

beside the sun bringing out the most beautiful side of new york… and new yorkers……. a big reason for my i-want-to-hug-the-world mood was starting off the day with an incredably lovely visit to great joins spa. i finally used the gift certificate i got for my first birthday….. and booked a facial for sunday morning.

on the way to the spa i walked through the morning-light flooded streets of downtown manhattan. the very streets that, just a couple of hours prior, ware packed with intoxicated ladies in too-high heals and men in any variation of plaid buttondowns…. waiting for the next free cab… having group discussions on which bar to head to next… or devouring a dollar-a -slice pizza.

all pictures from my sunday morning stroll taken by me.

my day continued being incredibly wonderful….. filled with sun… friends… memories… happy faces… spending money on myself... yoga… and sushi.

i hope u have had one of those green-lights-all-the-way days lately.
i would love to hear what this would imply, for you. 

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