here are finally my too-easy-to-be-true tips and techniques, to enhance whatever lashes you are working with….

to prep the lashes... every time i shower or wash my face i will use the towel and make sure to dry my lashes. "ok, crazy" you are thinking, but just the way you hair will pretty much stay the way it dried, so will your eyelashes. when they dry all stuck together and messed up then you will have a harder time to keep them from looking clumpy. it really is no big deal. i hold the towel against my eyes and blink onto it to separate the lashes (you could say that they get combed by the forte-loops of the towel) and at the same time they will go get lifted up.

i am not a friend of lash curlers. i don't like the shape they give that lashes and they are really bad for the hairs. if you want good lashes you have to treat them right and not pinch them between rubber and metal until they crease….

as far as the application goes.... it is very important that you start at the very roots of your lash-hairs. i don't really have very full lashes, so i have to make sure to not have too much skin peaking through, between them. i place the mascara coated wand at the roots and wiggle back and forth a bit. (here are so many little hairs that you don't want to miss). i pull the wand towards the tips, while i carefully close my eyes. this will give them a beautiful curve.

for a more intense look i will then close my eyes and only coat the tips with an additional layer. don't do this after the mascara has dried. and be careful to not over do it, because it is easy to get them too clumpy when you do this. if it does happen that there are a couple of hairs that don't want to separate….  don't try and comb them with the bristles of the wand (you will just end up adding more product...) instead, take a safety-pin and carefully(!) separate the individual hairs and remove the excess mascara, that caused the clumping. (no, i did not just advise you to bring a pointy object dangerously close to your eyeball.....)

when switching from one eye to the next, make sure to reapply mascara to the wand, by not only dipping it but litterly screw it all the way closed. it only makes since to start each eye with the equal amount of product on the wand. i don't ever pump the wand like a lot of ladies do. i don't understand the point….. and i imagine that this messes up the consistency of the product....

i will use the tip of the wand for the little hairs in the corners (i personally don't like it when the two lashrows connect on the outer corner. and also for the bottom lashes (after doing the wiggle-wiggle in the roots thing). before doing that just make sure to take off that little glob that usually happens on the tip of the bristles, when you pull the wand out.

now ladies, bat those lashes!

i would love to hear about your personalized mascara-techniques.

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