so as a vagabond… you have absolutely no routine whatsoever……. everyday you are seeing / eating / smelling / hearing things you never have before. and unlike being a tourist, a vagabond is more living (even for just a very short time) in the city and not visiting it... not stressing about hitting all the tourist spots, but rather talking trying to communicate with hands and feet to locals to get insider tips. (that is at least my view of it....)

i have come to realize that both of those points are legitimate reasons to visit the same restaurant… more than once during a multiple-day-stay, in one city. being recognized by the (mostly) lovely waitresses... knowing beforehand what i will order... or saying things like “the coffee-place around the corner” gives (at least the illuuusion) of routine and local-ness.

for example this food court (/market / bars with live music place) in bangkok, that we went to two evenings in a row. the first night i saw this grilled salted fish and haaaad to have it the next evening. and yes, the same waitress was there and greeted us with a smile... and yes, the nile tilapia with salt crust (which you don't eat) (it causes the heat to be distributed evenly and makes the meat super juicy and soft) was delicious! 

bangkok, thailand... all photos (except for the one of me in post-i-just-ate-an-entire-nile-tilapia-by-myself bliss) by me

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