continuing into the new year

i never was really big on those new years resolutions… but every year around this time i do find myself thinking about what they could/should be. this year, too. and again i decided to not set rules or goals for myself, that i may or may not honor for more than a couple of months…. instead i decided to continue, or further develop trades that i like about myself or others, and things that have worked for me. such as…

…. smiling
…. seeing the beauty that surrounds me
…. being kind to myself (being healthy is a big part of that. but the definition, as well as my interpretation on what “healthy” means and hoooow healthy is healthy, is ever-changing……)
…. being open to people
…. taking risks (a post is in the making on that subject)
.... respecting mothernature
... inspiring others, in any kind of way (i don't know if i already do... but it's definitely one of my biggest goals in life)
... being close to my family, that i am so lucky to have

me in khao sam or yot national park, kui buri district prachuap khi khan, thailand
(yes i have way more pics where that one came from)

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