i can't get no... (you know how it goes)

yesterday i knew... even before getting out of bed... that it was going to be one of those days..... the kind of day (i have some times) where nothing will be to my satisfaction......... my morning cappuccino...  my outfit... other people........

(when i was honest to myself) i did quickly realized that i was actually unsatisfied with myself.... (basically the opposite of this). i looked around and found myself in a place that could easily be compared to paradise and i felt silly for feeling any kind of discomfort at all. i paused and felt the sun on my skin and it automatically put a smile on my face.

some days are just a bit off..... and that is natural........ as long as you (as my mom would say) "snap out of it". look around you will see little things that make you smile... beauty is everywhere.

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