bare minimum

i am back in shanghai after my two week vaycay in new york, that was absolutely incredible. (you got a liiiittle idea about that here) i'm not gonna lie.... i had so much fun that it was maaaaybe (but not really) good when it was time to leave... or i might have died... of sleep deprivation. but actually more likely... a bagel-overdose..... i kid you not.  maaaan do i still have stories to tell photos to show you. 
 my trip also involved breaking my mac powder foundation, multiple fingernails, my roommates' friends' cup (i reimbursed her for it, don't worry) and maaaaybe also a heart (no reimbursing possible.....) jk..... i hope.

anyway, when i travel i do like to travel light... also when it comes to my make-up. (you might have came across this topic before...... like here or here). i still found myself not using most of the little pots of color i brought with me. if you have been checking out this little blog of mine for a while (so probably my direct family.... jk) you will have noticed that i have definitely been doing less complicated and time-intensive make-up looks lately. but for the past few weeks my routine has been reduced to the bare minimum..... not because of time or laziness, though. i actually really just like it more.

revlon, photoready bb cream, skin perfecter with spf 30 (here i first introduced you to it). i am not even using any powder over it and really like the dewy finish. okok a little concealer for those little friends that i can't travel without.... breakouts. then of course mascara (sometimes also just on the top row) you are about to ask "what mascara do you use?" the answer is "lash architect, baby!" my one and only.  after filling my brows lightly and throwing  mac's lip conditioner (tube) in my bag, i am out the door.

when i want a little more i only add a touch of blush with mac, mineralize skinfinsh, in soft and gentle on my cheek bone and brow bone aaaand any sort of lip color i was in the mood for.

so ladies... how bare can youuuu go?

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