one of those new york days....

today i am having a..... dare i say........ "perfect day". yes it is still goin on (it is currently 3:44pm) and i don't have a doubt in my mind that noooothing can cramp my style today. i might be "praising the day before the evening" (a german saying... it is pretty much exactly what i just did....) but if i think about that i will be spending the rest of it in the company of good friends... in this incredible city... filled with beauty. it is hard for me to imagine that it will could possibly do a 180. 

it started off with meeting my lovely friend and yoga teacher for a deeeelecious bagel at my new favorite all-day-hang the native bean. followed by chai lattes and a stroll with my new friend lindsey (a beautiful-free-spirit who i will tell you aaall about another time) to flower power. my other yoga teacher had told me about it..... and i can't believe i didn't know about it before! shame on meeee! it has teeeees and heeeerbs and oils and incense and.... uuuuuh all that good stuff. right now i am at konditori my neighborhood go-to for gooood coffees... people-watching... out-door-blogging..... meeting friends and making new ones.

new york, october 3rd 2014 (sorry for the bad picture.... but you get the idea......)

i hope no matter what city you live in and no matter if you like nature-shit stores or prefer cappuccinos over lattes... or your perfect breakfast consists of scrambled eggs with beans and bacon toped off with sriracha sauce on an english corn muffin...... you did/ate/drank soooomething you love and saw someone who inspires you. 

yes i am having a i-am-ball-of-love day.... but can you blame me?

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