open... to change

the other day when i got really side-tracked about moving to a new planet... i actually started out by wanting to tell you about how my fitness routine has changed, since my move to shanghai. i was fully aware that it would not be the same as back in new york, where it consisted of yoga, pilates, running and zumba. (incase you didn't read about it yet... here  you can catch up on all of that.) well (just like my make-up) it changed from versatile... and rather time-intensive to quite minimal. now it is it's yoga... only... mostly in the mornings... pretty much daily.... at home. yes, i was totally surprised that i had the discipline... and know-how to be able to keep up my practice. and i also want to note that i do not practice yoga with a superficial (lacking a better word) motive (not going to lie though... i do appreciate a nice yogi-body), but because nothing helps me more..... my body... my mind... my spirit..... and really aaaaanything. (i hope i didn't go too yogi on you there...... )

but what i am trying to say is.... be open to changes and switching it up. your beauty routine... your diet (used in the actual sense of the word, not in the "i'm on a diet" way.)... your work-out. who knows what your taste buds will discover..... what new beauty products you will find....or you will learn about yourself.

when the morning-sun shines onto my mat, i could not be happier and doing yoga in #mycalvins is a bonus.....

and, (this iiiis for my yogi-readers) do you want to know the very best tip i can give you if you are also interested in practicing at home? the answer is this wonderful online-sight (that, i am sure i will be raving about much more, in the future)... www.yogaglo.com. i will stop myself from telling you all the reasons why it is sooooo good, but (believe me) i never would have though that on-line yoga classes were for me.... or any good at all, for that matter. (let me know,if you do want me to tell you more about it or tips how to use it)

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