all i need...

have you ever asked yourself: if you could only eat one thing (not a meal) for the rest of your life... what would it be? well i have...... my answer is pretzels... bavarian pretzels (i am after all guilty of a hashtaaag-pretzel on instagram....... more than once.... or twice

as far as make-up gowes..... this is my answer (keeping in mind that this could will change): 

eyes: bronze eyeliner that i roughly frame my eyes with and smudge with my fingers before adding black eyeliner on my upper waterline and (of course) mascara.

and the lip color that i have literally been wearing almost every day...... stila's liquid lipstick in aria (and even though i have told you about it, about a million times before) it is my unbeaten champion. no-fuss, no-smudge, co crease.... and best non-classic-red color. the other day i wore this lipstick... and after a good-old midnight snack (at ottos's tacos) my friend says to me "what is that lipstick!? i have to buy it! it made it through tacos aaaand guac!!!". there you have it.

but no matter how many beauty products you neeeeed, or want.... have fun!

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