the ultimate beauty secret

i have told you before about my girl-crushes / muses..... there are ones that i have short affairs with and some that will always inspire me and motivate me to boost my fabulous-ness.
one of them is michelle violy harper. if you know who i am talking about you might have recognized her influence on my make-up looks, from time to time. for everyone else.... here is a shreen-shot from a little instagram-conversation i had with here a whiiiile ago (that i was totally shiiiiiitting myself over, by there way)

anyway, why am i telling you about this, now? i was just on garance dores blog, and her last  post is a beauty minute with michelle..... where she says: 

"the most important things for beauty, aside from products is your happiness because that is what shows in your face. you can use as many products and as much makeup, but if you’re a miserable person, nothing is going to work. the other thing is stress......" 

and not i love michelle even more! because, that's exactly what i believe with all my "smile!" and "have fun!" stuff......

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