meet constance... the modern nomad

since my move to shanghai (from new york) my life has had waaay to many stupid annoying little grow-up-hurdls to overcome. dealing with various bank accounts... understanding the tax systems from three different countries... wrapping my head around the fact that i got an absentee voting ballot for arapahoe county in colorado... sent to my parents in munich... while i am in shanghai. this life of a nomad makes me think of my friend constance a lot.........

i can confidently say that there is no other person in the world, like constance. she considers herself to be a “modern nomad”. and yes, since we stopped working together (because she had a beautiful little girl) i literally can not keep track of in which city (...or continent, for that matter) she is living, let alone all the places she lived in befoooore she had a family. (but i am getting the feeling some of people  have the same thoughts about me now......) and no, "nomad" does't mean that you will not see constance in the latest tom fords or vintage prada.

she is truly a free spirit with an admirable youthfulness about her. who else would do a spontanious photo shoot with me... on a wall, by the side of a road, in the hills of tuscany? and even though we have had big, yelling fights (i particularly remember one, at our riad in marrakesh while we were sipping mint tee)... 30 min later we would always laugh about it, though. she is the only person i can do that with. 


all photos of constance in london, marrakech, fez, paris and new york... by me  

going through these pictures i really missed our crazy trips and adventures and i felt very fortunate to have experienced them with her. i hope you have a friend that (even though you might want to strangle them from time to time) has had a crazy life and shows you that it is ok to not do things / be like every one else.

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