carrry-on beauty secrets...

here i am again... packing. i love traveling but i haaate packing. but not as much as i hate unpacking. having said that... packing my on-board beauty products to keep me hydrated and all that good stuff, is easy.

daily roll-on moisturizer, lavender chamomile by naturally susan's.... i found this wonderful little multi-puirpose oil last summer at south street sea port. the founder, susane started making her own all natural organic beauty products.... to be kind to her body. (and you know (for the most part.... hey, i'm only human...) i am all about that) so far this is the only product of susan's i have, but i love it. it is my favorite directly-under-foundation moisturizer, because it is so light and doesn't mess with the consistency of my bare escentuals, bare minerals, original foundation. one thing i would like to add though is that i was recommended to not use the roller application directly on my face (because it will pick up the bacteria and spread it around) but rather roll the oil on my (clean) fingers and then gently massage into my face.

i loooove mac's lip conditioner (tube) because (even though it is not a chap stick) it will not cover your lips covered in a greasy sticky-ness or some sort of strong taste. (don't get me wrong... i aaaam a fan of good-old carmex, but i can't use it when i am about to eat..... and you don't want to interfere with that good airplane-food.....) this conditioner will give your lips a healthy moisturized shine for a looooong time and leave them super soft.
pssssst! instant dry shampoo.... (travel size, of course). my hair tends to get greasy on the plane.... i guess i touch it a lot or just because the air on plains makes everything a bit.... sticky. especially when you have someone... special (i guess...) picking you up from the airport, or you might have a meeting directly from the plane... it is nice to have something to give your roots a quick little lift.

 baxter of california, clay pomade.. .this is not a muuust for the plane, but because... i am addicted and when is the intentional-unitenional messy look more appropriate than fresh off the plane?

like my hair, i feel like my skin just gets... dirty. to take off my foundation or for a quick freshener i will use simple, cleansing facial wipes. you can even use them in your seat (those bathroom lines are alwyas sooo long)

i hope these beauty secrets will help you look fabulously refreshed when you step off that plane. 

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