compliments.... mid-week quote

i don't generally liiike getting compliments. because i feel like most of them are not creative.... or genuine, for that matter. well, lets say i am not gooood at getting them. ask anyone guys who have said something like "you are beautiful" or "i love your style" to me.... he will usually get an awkward  stare or (worse) an eye-roll. (i was told to smile and say "thank you" instead....)
if the compliment is creative or randomly specific.... thaaat's another story.
i haaave gotten a couple of compliments that i appreciated. i might still do an awkward stare, but i will smile giggle inside (i am a total inside-giggler) and.... remember it.
this one (for example) i would accept... appreciate and remember....
to explain..... this was me last weekend.... (after jumping up and down out of excitement... after my friends and i decided on zum schneider for our lunch spot) my vintage-prada-fany-pack (shout-out to christa who gave it to me) opened and everything fell on avenue a.....

i aaaam a chaotic mess.....

do you remember the best compliment you have ever gotten?

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  1. "You're the prettiest person I've ever seen in real life" was mine. :-)