back on track

after my visit home to germany (where i indulged in my love for pastries and home-cooking) and a weekend at the beach (filled with bbq and ice cream)…. the only issue was actually that i totally got out of my work-out routine, and not only does my body start hurting when i don't do yoga for a couple of days... but i really missed it. and that is the key. you have to reeeeally enjoy your workout.
whatever kind of fitness routine you choose... and whatever food you eat... do it because it makes you happy. not because it is "good for you" or "healthy" (one of my top rated over-used-words-in-new-york... by the way). i never force myself to the gym. yes, sometimes i have to give myself a little shove... and those stairs up to my gym can be soooooo steep... but i know that there is really only the slightest of chances that i feel wooorse after my yoga class (for example). on the contrary... ever been on a runners-high?

anyway, it i had to get back on track after a gym break (which everyone shouldt take from time to time) but remind yourself of how far you have come. be your own fitspiration! in fact i believe that is the best one…. you know you have done it before... and you will remember how good and proud it made you feel.

so if you take a little gymcation… enjoy it! and enjoy getting back on track. you are strong and beautiful.

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