missing munich.....

when i was back home in munich, to visit my beautifully crazy family, i had a coupe of days to do... eat... and enjoy everything i miss about my home town.
... fountains. i love the fountains in munich.
... the sky. the bavaian flag resembles the blue sky and the white clouds and in new york you don't really see a lot of sky. (a pretty freaking amazing skyline, though!)
... the summer. everyone looooooves  the summer in munich. before my first summer in new york i didn't understand how people could haaate on summer..... until it hit about the middle of july...... then i understood.

... beer gardens. in new york this word is used-and-abuuuused. dear new yorkers, a beer garden is oooonly a beer garden if it is under chestnut trees, has beer benches and beer tables, you can bring your own food (but not drinks) and has this kind of deliciousness ....
... "steckerlfisch" (fish that is smoked over open fire), bavaian beer served only in a "mass" (one liter), and a "brezn" (which is not the same thing as a pretzel). everyone who knows me, knows my obsession with "brezn".

... and every other kind of german bred. that we have for our weekend family breakfasts. 

... sister-time. i spent a day with my sister... eating ice cream in the sun... laying in the grass and laughing about the dumbest stuff.... and she made me this beautiful flower crown.
did you leave your home town? if yes, what do you miss about it? (i know... most of the answers are going to be "the food!")

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