there are so many reasons why i love christa. for one, she has a huuuuge heart and she hast this warmth about her. she is incredibly smart and has a similar view about... the world, as me. she is one of those people that you could never lie to... and would never want to ...or have to, for that matter. because she is so easy to talk to and is probably the most un-judgmental and humble people i know. i can laugh with her... and cry with her... and ask her for advice. christa is one of the few people who i believe when she says that she thinks i am more beautiful without make-up, because she will also be brutally honest when she dislikes something.
as if that wasn't enough reasons..... i looooove her cooking. the way i always describe it is: "you can taste the love". there is no way i could ever sit at the round wooden table in her kitchen and not have seconds ....ok, who am i kidding? i always have three servings.... no lie.
and then after dinner we play yahtzee!
little things that make christa smile:
sunshine - children's laughter - raindrops on the window, when they look like diamonds - swimming - quiet moments - when the remote control works (which it apparently, it was not while i was asking her about her little things) - nature in its smallest details
photo of christa taken by me, in munich, 2012

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