i love ny (sorry... there i not better way to say it)

one of the few(!) reasons why i love new york is that you can (if you are open, that is) meet new people, in the most random situations. for example after posting this i met a very nice guy... rob, who had just moved to new york mere daaaays prior. remembering my own days as a baby-new-yorker, i could relate to him (and maaaaybe also wished that i would have met someone as awsom as meeeeee) anyway (to make a long story short not toooo long) over a beer i gave him my very personal secret not so secret any more nyc-recommendations. rob's request was "cheap good places for food or coffee around lower east side" with side notes such as "wifi" and "no restrooms...".

instead of this being a publication of my-list-of-recomendations... i will share some of the pictures i took during my last visit.

new york, october 2014, all photos by me

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