perfect is boring anyway.....

the look: disregarding what is would be considered "perfect". but rather, leaving the eye brows untamed looking... using too much mascara and blush... and giving the lips a pink fade-out
skin: i prepped my skin with mac, prep + prime, skin base. it has a very subtle shimmer, so it leaves the skin looking naturally glowing. even though this look is about imperfection...... i applied some concealer. then i dusted face powder around my nose, and under my eyes. for the apples of my cheeks i used... aaalmos too much... bright pink pigment.

brows: my brows are very hard to tame... so they were very happy with this look... they could just do their thaaang. i did enhanced their booshyness by brushing them up, with a good amount of brow gel, and filling them in with light brown powder, using a brow brush.

eyes: i matted the entire area with a very light eye shadow, almost all the way up to my brows. i rimed
my eyes all around with a dull bronze-colored eye liner. i didn't worry about the line being very delicate or even. using a q-tip i, afterward defused the line into the matt shadow. the eye lashes got that almost-too-clumpy look with a gooood amount of mascara and making sure to get all those little hairs in the corners.

lips: the lips got a good coating of lip conditioner and then a sweep of bright pink matt lipstick, at the centre. with my fingers i blended the two layers together.

have fun

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