i can't do without... eyeshadow base

one of the most (make-up related) questions i get (after "what mascara do you use?" ...but that is a whole other story......) is "how does your eyeshadow stay on so long?". the answer is very simple... artdeco, eyeshadow base.

i have veeery oily eyelids... and my eyeshadow creases after 30 minutes. it took me a while to find the solution. but, after using this (lets call it what it is) ...miracle-product once (at least 5 years ago), i would never put eyeshadow on without it, again. i am not exaggerating, when i tell you that it makes the eyeshadow last aaall day... dancing though the night... aaand sleeping (not that i eeeever go to bed without taking my make-up off.... because ...as we all know... that is really really really bad......) 

it is a skin colored, cream that i apply with my finger, before i put on my eyeshadow. it does make it a little bit more difficult to blend the eyeshadow evenly (-but you will get used to it), and i also feel like it tends to "gooe-up" make-up brushes (-but you'll just have to clean them more often). still... it is sooo worth it. unfortunately, i have only seen it in germany... so, i buy at least one every time i visit. did i mention that it is also only about 5 euros?

if you decide to give it a try (if you aren't already using it, because i already referred it to you), i would love to know what you think.

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