just hangin'

last week i was in my beautiful munich. hangin' with my (crazy) family and (amazing) friends. when i am on vacation i usually don't feel like spending forever on my make-up... but i haven't seen a lot of my friends since i moves to new york (8 months ago), so i did kind of want to look... nice.

the look: natural but not... plain
skin: tinted moisture, leaving the skin very natural and transparent. concealer to cover up the... jet lag (more of less successfully...). even with a natural make-up, like this, i use (at least a light sweep of) blush. (because i just feel like my face looks to flat without.)

brows: to keep the look from going too girly, i did a stronger brow, using medium brown shadow to define the shape and brow gel to keep them in place.

eyes: eye shadow in soft natural and slightly pinkish tones. for the base on the upper and lower lids, i used a light-pink shimmery shadow. below the orbital bone i used a medium brown shadow and blended it into the base color. i drew eyeshadow. the finishing tough was brown eyeliner on the upper and waterline and between the lashes. long soft lashes with (not too many) strokes of black mascara.

lips: just good-old lip balm.

have fun


  1. This is soooooo pretty! I love pinkish make-up. It always looks so feminine.

    1. thank you! the color i like using for that is a mac eye shadow, called coppering.