the other day my dear friend anna texted me. she told me about how she died her hair blond and now she doesn't think the make-up she was doing before looks good anymore. yes, of course, changing your hair color will change your whole look... and that's the fun part right?
well it has been a while since i was blond (currently i am still some version of red....) but if you also happen to be a new-blond (like anna...) and want to change your make-up accordingly.... i will post some different make-up looks to inspire you. just try out different things.... i don't like following or giving general rules. everyone is different and actually it is aaaall about having fun and what you feeeeel best/prettiest/hottest/most bad-ass with.  
so, to get us in the blooonde-mood... here are some (of my favorite) pics of the uuuultimate-blone... marilyn (one of my always-and-forever loves)  
and remember..... a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

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