non-black liners

i have been using my non-black eyeliners sooo much (like here, here... or here and a buuuuunch more times that i didn't post) that i thought it would be time to purchase some new colors…. a quick visit to sephora (luckily they have them here in shanghai!) took care of that. 

eyes: today i used both of my new colors… purple and green (thumb down for theses un-creative names, sephora) of the base i used a purple-silver loose powder (one of my faves, but unfortunately a limited edition by mac) the purple eyeliner i used along the upper lash row and the green along the lower lashes. on the outer corner i used the little sponge (the eyeliners come with) to blend the two colors together. while making sure to get the roots really well, i coated my lashes with mascara… and that was already it! this is definitely one of those looks that looks much more complicated / time-intensive than it is.

blush: for some reason i felt like a slightly bronzed skin today, so i used the brown color in my benefit, 10 box and swept it just below the cheekbones. 

lips: after defining the edge very subtly with revlon, tint+blam in rendezvous i layered my mac lipstick in twig (that i told you about here) over it, for that i-am-totally-not-wering-lipstick-but-just-naturally-have-these-luscious-lips look.

...and having a really good-hair-day also helped this look! you know how i love those..... well, who does't?

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