the day of this make-up i was rockin' #mycalvins (not quiiiiite pulling it off as good as marky.....) anyway, to counter balance the sports bra, i did a more feminine cat-eye-thaaang.

eyes: for the base i used one of my faves, that i haven’t used in a while because it was a special edition eyeshadow by mac, named performing art. it is just the perfect soft shimmery light grey. because (on my eyes) i don’t like doing a stronger eyeliner without sculpting the eyelid (at least a bit) i places light pink on the centre of the movable lid and on the brow bone. i also used this color to subtly highlight the bottom lid. the cat-eye line i created by pulling plumage (also mac) along the upper lashes with a short bristled brush (like this one). then i defined the outer swoosh with a short line of black liquid eyeliner, starting only from the very outer edge of my upper lid and ending in a sharp point. 

for the rest of my face (foundation, blush, brows and lips) i did this. because if you find something that works... work it!

by the way... this look is totally under the influence of my new muse that i have yet to tell you all about.

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