that good old reinvention

i have been talking so much about the changes in my life, lately. basically everything has changed.... i fitness routine.... my make-up

for some reason i have found myself getting little feelings of disappointment about being so different than i was.... for not putting as much effort into the same things (like doing my make-up for three hours before i when out, for example). and often when people see old pictures, i hear "that's not you!" but it was... at one point. even though i have changed so much in the last year, and even more in the last months, i do still love who i was, and i still love what i used to love. (ok... some looks were a bit.... i don't really know...... like that time i bleached my eyebrows... but it sure was fun!)

super randomly i listened to christina aguilera, yesterday. (who i used to looooove.... i still love her,but i used to literally ooooonly listen to her stripped album). i watched the interview on there bionic album, where she also talkes about how she (her look, her music, her attitude) changes with each album. and yes, maybe i liked her stripped-phase the most, but i will always be christina-fan... one of the reasons iiiis her reinventing herself ......and i can tell you, this reinvention is fun! (just ask madonna)

since this blog started some of my make-up looks have not made it to their own post.... so here is a little throwback moment for you....... (man, i used to wear a lot of make-up..... and it sure was fun


don't be scared to reinvent yourself and love every version of yourself.

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